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How much does this venue cost?

Weekday events: start at $1,295 plus $200 cleaning fee. 5 hour time slot.

Weekend events: start at $1,295 (day time) and $1,395 (evenings) plus $200 clean fee. 5 hour time slot.

Additional time can be added for all events. Inquire about events longer than 5 hours.

**Prices are subject to change at any time. Inquire for exact pricing based on availability.**

What are the hours in which I can hold my event?

We allow events between the hours of 7:30am and 11:00pm. Sunday - Thursday 7:30am - 10:00pm. Friday & Saturday 8:00am - 11:00pm. We do strictly enforce the 10:00pm or 11:00pm deadline due to building noise guidelines.

Are there any rules around decorating?

A few, we want to offer as much flexibility as possible but we do have a few basic rules. Do not remove the artwork from the walls and no glitter or confetti. Anything hung on walls for decoration needs to come down at the end of your event. Furniture can be moved around except for the pool table and shuffleboard table. Any decorations hung on painted walls need to have proper adhesive so paint is not removed. Guests will be held liable for damage to furniture or artwork.

What are other important details?

The Other Room is fully WIFI ready. Access and Password are provided on the wall inside the event space near the light switches.
There are 5 TVs throughout the space. Each has its own remote so you can put on whatever channel you would like for each TV!
A speaker system is provided. All you have to do is connect via Bluetooth and pair it directly with your own phone to play the music of your choice! MORE than enough sound, because remember the event space is all concrete and brick so sounds carries great! Absolutely NO outside DJs, speakers, instruments, microphones, or subs, are allowed in the space. Please see your lease agreement for any additional rules.
Ample garbage bags, paper plates, paper towels, napkins and plastic utensils are available on site.
There is a great patio connected to the event space, right on Washington Ave! For summer events, there’s a garage door that opens to the patio directly from the main area! The event manager will help open this if you’re interested during your event.
Bathroom of course is fully stocked right inside the event space!
There is a great custom poker table/conference table in upper loft area!
Pool table and shuffle board table cannot be moved. Everything else is easily moveable!
To help wind down all events, music is shut down by our event manager 15 minutes prior to the event end time.

Food and Alcohol Questions
Can I Bring In My Own Food and Alcohol?

Absolutely! We encourage it! We just require that the sale of alcohol cannot take place unless you have a licensed bartending company! And of course, no alcohol served to minors. We have loads of fridge space and serving space and even include backup utensils, cups, and plates! There is an additional ice chest on wheels to store ice as well.

Does it cost extra to bring in my own food or drinks?

Nope! There are no additional food or drink minimums or added fees. We want to offer total flexibility! You rent the space, and feel free to use any catering company you want, or bring your own food! We of course have great catering options to refer you to who have worked in the space before. Just ask us!

Day of Event Questions
Will someone from The Other Room be present at my event?

Yes, we do have an event manager on hand to help answer questions, make sure everyone is safe, and ensure events are falling within our guidelines! You will barely notice they are there! We want you to enjoy your event so they will be near by to answer any questions that come up. Note; some events our manager is not required to be there, it just depends on the type of event and number of people.

Am I able to gain access to the space prior to my event to set up?

Your event time slot is to include any necessary set up time you need. If there needs to be a little flexibility on early access, we will take it case by case and certainly want to work with you to make it smooth. It just depends on the event, and clean schedule for any potential event prior to your access start time. A small fee for early access may apply in order to follow our standard greeting of the host for access by the event manager. The sooner we know your needs, the better we can accommodate!

Where is the best parking for guests?

There is ample metered parking surrounding the building. But in addition to that, there is an easily accessible public parking ramp, literally kitty corner across the street from the event space! Entrance is found on the northeast corner of 10th Ave N and Washington Ave N (just one block west from the event space). You can take the staircase in the southeast corner of the ramp and walk right across Washington Ave and you are then just steps from the event entrance!

How do guests access The Other Room for events?

Very easy! All guests access the event space directly from the street. The Other Room is a street front, walk up, unit right off of Washington Ave N. The unit is #120 (the furthest west ground floor unit on Washington Ave)

How can catering, or food delivery, easily access the space?

Just tell them to call you upon arrival and they can simply pull up directly in front of the event space entrance on Washington Ave N (unit #120) and pop their hazards on to unload your food! Best practice is to be on the phone with them upon arrival and simply wave to them from the patio of the event space so they know where to stop.  This is the best way to drop off anything else you need before the start of your event as well!

Is Smoking Allowed?

No. But if anyone does want to smoke they can exit the event space right on Washington Ave and simply walk down 20 feet away from the event space patio to the west, away from all first floor units. No smoking is allowed on the patio as well. We appreciate your corporation with this! Of course marijuana smoking for any kind is not allowed in any location.

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